Safeguarding Our Schools.

Special operations veterans providing schools with threat assessments, consultations, and training to protect our children at little to no cost. 


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Operation School Shield (OSS) is a 501c3 nonprofit (pending) whose mission is to protect children by utilizing the special operations veteran network to provide threat assessments, consultation, and training to schools and teachers.

The core function of our program is to afford schools a threat assessment and offer recommendations and solutions to any present vulnerabilities, at little to no cost to the school.

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Special operations veterans have incredible expertise in threat prevention, analysis, and mitigation. By employing these veterans, we can use their knowledge to help safeguard campuses while also giving them purpose through service to their communities. Providing these services at little to no cost to schools will allow teachers and administrators to focus their time and resources on what matters most, the education of their students.



We provide threat assessments and consultations at little to no cost to the school.


We hire special operations veterans on a contract basis to augment our threat assessments. This greatly impacts and supports veterans by providing them a clear and meaningful purpose in their community. 


OSS acts as a platform to connect veteran-owned security businesses with schools to help provide solutions to any identifiable security threats. 


October 2017

Our mission is to protect children and give veterans purpose through service to their communities.

Mike O'Dowd | Founder



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