Operation School Shield, is a 501c3 nonprofit (pending), whose mission is to protect children by utilizing the special operations veteran network to provide threat assessments, consultation, and training to schools and teachers. The core function of our program is to afford schools a threat assessment and offer recommendations and solutions to any present vulnerabilities, at little or no cost to the school.


From January 2000 through April 2018, school shootings took the lives of 270 students and teachers, and injured hundreds more. Since January 1, 2009, there has been at least 288 school shootings in the United States, and 2018 has already seen a devastating 1 school shooting per week taking the lives of 27 people. Many of these attacks could have been prevented by employing basic security principles. Each year the threat increases as these shootings happen more frequently.


It is impossible to ignore the threat our kids face every day when they are at school. As parents with extensive military expertise, we knew we had to apply our knowledge and make a difference. Our approach is simple: Make schools safer for students by providing easy-to-understand solutions that are realistic and cost-effective. 

The goals of OSS can be broken down into 3 parts: to help educate and prepare schools at little or no cost, to give veterans purpose through service to their community, and to provide assurance to families like our own.  


Help Educate and Prepare Schools

OSS is dedicated to providing threat assessments, consultation and training to schools on a pro bono basis. Our tailored threat assessments are clear, concise, and realistic. Our goals are to not overwhelm educators but to provide reports that are easy to understand and implement by faculty and administration. All of our recommendations are actionable and organized into efficient and low cost methods followed by an expanded report for long-term suggestions.  We also put schools in touch with training companies that will expand upon the approach suggested by OSS.  


Support for Veterans

Special operations veterans have incredible expertise in threat prevention, analysis, and mitigation. By employing these veterans, we can use their knowledge to help safeguard campuses while also giving them purpose through service to their communities. Providing these services at no cost to the school will allow teachers and administrators to focus their time and resources on what matters most, the education of their students.


Peace of Mind for Families

As parents ourselves, we understand the vulnerability of sending our children to school in our modern society.  We put our trust in our school and educators to provide children with the best education to lead them in the right direction that shape their adult lives.  We believe schools should be a safe place where children can focus on learning, growing their ideas and creating lasting friendships and memories not a place where they should be worried about their safety.  Our hope is that we can help prevent school shootings from unnecessarily taking more lives and to help give parents peace of mind from their already hectic lives.